Renegade Sun

Many moons ago, when the Earth was new, two suns ruled the sky. Quasar, a long forgotten lord of light, created the fiery spheres and set them spinning. He forbade only that either outshine the other.

  The sun of the equator shone bright, hot and constant. Meanwhile, the polar sun waxed and waned, simmering down and boiling up irregularly. Titanic animals grazing Earth’s valleys and highlands, chirped and trumpeted when the wild sun ran hot.

  Quasar grew angry at being disobeyed. He decided to destroy the polar sun. So, he sent a comet. The blazing mountain’s 98,000,000 mile long tail incinerated everything in its path as it hurtled toward its target.

  When the comet hit, the polar sun split in two. One half flared up tremendously, while the other half ricocheted off toward Earth.

  It punched a hole through the super-continent, which broke up into several pieces that began to drift apart. Tsunamis drowned entire species. Many others perished under the dust cloud that enshrouded the planet for a hundred years.

  When the sky cleared, the equatorial sun alone ruled the day.

  The remainder of the polar sun had cooled and become Earth’s moon, lesser president of evening, twilight and night.

   Forever. Renegade sun.

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