Dreams: Game

I dreamed last night that I was at work and we were playing a game. There was this big, heavy glass container shaped like a squashed hourglass. In each side of the container were two types of biscuits (one in each side.) The object of the game was to shake and shift the container so that one biscuit from each side would travel through the little skinny tunnel in the middle to the other side of the container. If you got one biscuit from each side to move to the other side you could eat the biscuits you moved. Nobody could do it. When it was my turn, I was determined to figure it out. Not because I was feeling particularly competitive, but because I really wanted those biscuits. They were really super yummy, I could tell. Well, I got one biscuit to move to the other side, but then had a problem with the second one, just like everyone else. Examining the thing, I could see that because of the way the biscuits were positioned, there just wasn’t room for the other biscuit to fit once it traveled through the tube in the middle, so I announced that the trick was to shake and shimmy the whole thing to make the biscuits go to the bottom and create room for the second biscuit. I tried it, but then realized that there was a napkin or something over the hourglass. When I removed it, I wasn’t holding the hourglass any more. I was holding a Tupperware container and it had teriyaki stuff in it. We were all freaked out because nobody had moved and it was impossible that someone had switched objects. Unless there was some sort of magic involved. Then I realized I was naked from the waist down and started stealthily trying to put on my pants (because what dream is complete without the part where you realize you’re naked at work, right?)

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