Dreams: Crowd

I dreamed that our next door neighbors were having a construction party to build a windmill in their backyard. Dozens of their guests started coming over the wall and invading our yard. Adults were milling about and at least 20 kids were sitting in rows on the ground. I went out and told them to leave. As they were doing so I noticed that a couple of dogs had jumped the wall and I called to our dog, Rocky, to come in. He didn’t listen (no big surprise, he didn’t listen in real life when he was alive, either) so I went out again and he ran off around the side of the house. I cornered him near a weird side door that doesn’t actually exist and screamed for Steve to let us in. Then the dream flipped and we were in a giant motel room that had a deep desert valley running through it. Steve and some girl Jennifer (one of the guests from the next door neighbor’s group) were way ahead and there were people on horseback behind me who kept screaming, “Jennifer, don’t ride Big Red! Stay off Big Red!” I could see that there was a horse up there with Steve and Jennifer so I started screaming it, too, since I was closer and hoped maybe she would hear me. I somehow caught up with them and Steve was taking photographs of Jennifer. I waited at a little table until I realized I had to start work and told Steve we had to go. He ran out the door and I yelled I need help gathering all my stuff. I couldn’t figure out why my mini camera bag was there on a shelf. It had a book inside it and four onions stacked on top. The whole thing was ruined because the onions were rotting.

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