Dreams: Bats

I dreamed last night that Steven Next Door and I were standing in the kitchen of our house (a weird dream house) and there were five full grown praying mantises lined up along the long skinny back door knob. I suggested Steve get his video camera and he left. The mantises began to move apart then. One was trying to get into the refrigerator. Another walked into the living room and I followed. Steve rejoined me and we noticed one on the sofa. On the back of the sofa was a “decorative throw”: two enormous bats with dog heads whose wings had been painted red, white and blue. Some sort of hideous taxidermy thing, I had always assumed. Then one of the dog heads stretched down and ate the praying mantis. I was horrified that they were actually alive. Steve said that he couldn’t feed them until it was peach season. He was quite nonchalant about the whole starving dog-bat situation. I felt awful for them and wondered what kind of weirdo I married.

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