Cardboard Monkey

I hitch a ride with this cardboard monkey
he chatters away non-stop about some dick Harry at work
climbing his way to the top of the corporate canopy
where he can kick back and suck the fruits
of the cardboard monkey’s labors
I don’t care to mind his boring business so I pretend sleep
the cardboard monkey goes bananas
hitting the steering wheel and shaking my sorry ass awake
exhibiting aggressive behavior
letting me know that I owe for my ride
undivided attention for a gallon of gas
I figure I can do that and sit up straight
the cardboard monkey relaxes and regroups
starts up again about the treachery of brown-nosed colleagues
what a jungle it is out there
and how we all gotta kill or be killed
I’m thinking it’s a metaphor and nod like I get it
the cardboard monkey reaches across my knees
making me sort of scrunch up in the seat
he pulls a gun out of the glove compartment and points it at my face

Wylde Abandyn 12/14/10

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