After The Curtain Call

the show was over
Humanity took its final curtain call
then retreated to its dressing room
exhausted from playing the part for so long
it wiped off its makeup
a cheap, watery base coat of civilization
that wasn’t concealing the flaws anymore
it examined itself in the mirror
squinting in the glare of real right now
and it liked what it saw
something raw and rough
and genuinely remorseless
unshackled from compassion
free at last of empathy
it practiced its new savage smile
pleased to see nothing
that could be perceived as a desire to befriend
enamored by its own flat and empty eyes
Humanity wondered why
it had bothered with makeup in the first place

Wylde Abandyn 11/19/16

No Amends

when the cloud gods
finally came to judge us
they blocked out the sun
Wooly Mammoth and Rabbit Lady
eventually accepted our cowering apologies
and the sacrifice we offered up
but Hammer Head was having none of it
His lighting burned our retinas
His thunder burst our eardrums