Fine Feathered Frenzy

The birds thought they heard
Apolcalyptic omens
Rumbling like thunder

The nightingale watch
Sworn to be the first alert
Ordered a rumor

A murmuration
Of starlings whispering woe
Took to the airwaves

A covert of coots
In cahoots with woodpeckers
Dictated Morse code

Danger touched the night
When the parliament of owls
Flew into a rage

Skeins of geese in flight
Honking out the dreadful news
Raced to spread the word

Bouquets of pheasants
Erupted from grassy fields
Like buckshot fireworks

Musters of peacocks
Fanning the flames of panic
Broke ranks, scattering

A clowder of cats
Scratched the night with razor wit
Lounging on the fence

Messenger pigeons
Relayed back this shocking turn
And the din died down

The birds felt like fools
There was no emergency
The cats were too cool


Wylde Abandyn circa 2001

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