Burnt Pizza

ashen cheese
petrified pepperoni
carbonized onions
fossilized sausage
crust like the hull of a ship gone down
in a perfect storm of heat and dehumidity
brittle, hard and impermeable
by human teeth designed
for ripping and nibbling
not gnashing and gnawing
how did this poor little pie become unrecognizable?
who would allow this delectable DiGiorno to degenerate
into such a sad state of decomposition?
two guys would be my guess
they popped it into the oven
then nipped up the stairs
barricading the bedroom door behind them
determined to keep the dogs at bay
poor puppies
cocking their heads quizzically
such sounds behind that door!
and when all is said and done
what did the masters have to show for it?
a new perspective
confounded canines
and burnt pizza

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