This photography series is the result of another collaboration between Steven Goth and myself. We call it DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS because one of us drives the car while the other shoots thru the window. (With a camera that is!)

The end product of this shooting spree is gritty and real because we drove downtown near the arts district, an area known for it’s poverty, neglect and broken dreams. Once home and reviewing the pictures, we were amazed at how much of the passing world goes unnoticed as we drive thru it.

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Out of Reach

the clouds slid over the mountain

     flat and fat … their grey bellies heavy with water

what they hoarded

     teasing us with it / dangling it over our heads

out of reach

we shot arrows at them

and guns

a physical manifestation of our frustration

when thunder rumbled … it seemed like they were laughing at us

     those cold, cruel clouds

chuckling at the puny humans

so powerless and weak

and thirsty

so thirsty

Wylde Abandyn 09/21/11